Thursday, April 14, 2011

Team Fortress 2

I am going to give a very short review for a First Person Shooter game called Team Fortress 2.
Team Photo
This is a game about two rivaling corporations RED and BLU, who send mercenary's to take the others land
Red stands for Reliable Excavation Demolition.

BLU stands for Builders League United.

Difficulty: First off this game can be easy and hard at the same, easy in that this game isn't trying to be ultra realistic like most modern games. (5 second life, ect.)
Hard in how one person can't do much to the other team alone.

Length: This game was quite short when it was released but has since gotten around 200 updates doubling or even tripling the amount of game content.

Price: This game used to cost $20 on steam but has now been lowered to $10 which is easily worth the amount of game content.

Gameplay: This game has unique gameplay compared to other games of it's genre.
There are many game modes I'll explain the main ones
Arena: Everyone gets only one life and one team must simply destroy the other to win. These maps are usually very small.
A BLU Intel (Flag)
Capture the Flag: One team simply grabs the Intel (Flag) from the other teams base and take it to theirs to score a point. This one is highly defensive.
A control point owned by BLU.
Control Point: One team must take all the control points on the map to win while the other team has to defend said control points. There is another version with both teams get control point and must push into the others base.
The BLU Bomb cart.
Payload: One team pushes a bomb cart to the end of the rail to win. The other team has to defend for a set amount of time. These maps are usually very long.
Payload Race: Like normal payload except both team push their own cart to the other teams base.
RED gets a bomb too.
These can get explosive as the carts usually cross each other in some way.
There are nine classes in this game each with their own specialty and personality, I will go over each of them.

The RED Scout.
(Boston, America) Scout: He is the fastest of the team and good for getting to the objective quick and ambushing people but he's not much in a big battle.

The RED Soldier.
(America) Soldier: As his name implies he is the main force of front line battle, he also uses banners to assist his teammates around him.

The RED Pyro.
(Unknown) Pyro: The Pyro is a short range ambush class which sets people on fire, Plus he is crucial to sniff out spies hiding in your base.

The RED Demoman.
(Scotland) Demoman: He is the demolitions man of the team, good at setting sticky bomb traps and simply blowing things up, He is a competitor to the Soldier.

The RED Heavy.
(Russia) Heavy: The Heavy is the biggest the slowest but most powerful in short range class in the game, But his size makes him a target so he is weak unless he has a medic which makes him much more powerful.

The RED Engineer.
(Texas) Engineer: He is the defense and support class of the game he builds 3 different types of buildings to assist his team, The Sentry: this defense turret can stop just about anyone that tries attacking it's watch zone.
The Dispenser: This support building gives health and ammo to allies near it. The Teleporter: Support building allows the Engineer to teleport his fellow team members to the front line.

The RED Medic.
(Gemanry) Medic: He as his name suggests he heals the team with his medigun, When he is fully charged with healing allies he can deploy an √úberCharge with makes him and his patient temporarily invincible. He is also the Heavy's best friend.

The RED Sniper.
(Australia) Sniper: His job is to eliminate important targets from afar. He has competition with the spy.

The BLU Spy.
(France) Spy: His job is identical to the sniper but he sneaks behind enemy lines puts on a disguise and attacks from the back. He is the weakest battlefield fighter in the game but when unnoticed he can be dangerous. He can attach Sappers to Engineers building to disable and destroy them. The Sentry will not fire at disguised spies.
Cartoon design
Graphics: This game has quite good graphics but as I said this game isn't trying to be the most realistic looking game ever, This game actually uses a cartoony style. One interesting thing is that you can recognize all the classes just by looking at their silhouettes.
Try to guess who is who.
While this game doesn't have a mini-map like most games do you won't get lost too much because both teams bases have their own design. RED base is made mostly of red wood, While BLU base is made mostly of blue concrete.
RED Base

BLU Base
Multiplayer: The biggest part of this game is its multiplayer but sometimes can be hard to find a good server which doesn't have premium benefits or abusive admins.
But when you do find a good one you can have lots of fun.

Overall this game is easy to learn but teamwork is the key to success in this game. Not everyone knows that and will wonder why this game is so hard. If you work with your team success won't seem so hard.
That concludes my very short review.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures of the Heavy

 Five W's of My Gmod.
Adventures of the Heavy

Sample of my comic.

What: This is a comic created by me based on the game Team Fortress 2.

Who: The characters are as follows: Heavy, Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper, Medic and Spy.

When: As in the game the comic is set in 1963.

Where: The team is living in a house in Australia.

Why: They are part of a team and they need to learn to work together.

How: This is made with Gmod, which is a software that let's you pose game characters.